Check Aadhar Card Status Online at

Aadhar Card is one of the important documents at this time for all Indian people and everyone should get a new UIDAI card right away. Now, this website helps those who already applied for a new aadhar card and waiting for it to be received. Here you will know how to check the status of aadhar card online at website.

As there are some privacy concerns with the personal data of a person, the supreme court passed a rule that having aadhar card is not mandatory. However, the Modi government is trying hard to make it as a single identity which needs to be linked with all the government portals like banks, pan card, voter identity and important private sectors like telecom. In future, there might not be any other identity cards. With the help of aadhar, the government will be able to track all transactions made by an individual.

check aadhar card status online

It is very easy to get multiple identity cards of voter id, pan by an individual. However, getting multiple aadhar numbers it not at all possible. This UID number is generated by taking the person’s bio metric information like thumbprint and IRIS. Now individuals, will not be able to manipulate IT filing and any other documents. Till now you have read about the importance of UIDAI. Now lets get back to the status checking of newly applied UID.

Aadhar Number Status Online

The per-requisites for checking the status online is to have the enrollment number and the registered mobile number. Without these two you will not be able to know any details about your UID number. So, let’s keep these two things with you and follow the below steps.

  • Go to the UIDAI website. Browse this website for a little while and look for the page where you will be able to get the status. Click on this page which will eventually take you to the status check page. For in-depth details, you can check on India portal.
  • Now it’s time to enter your enrollment number and solve the security code.
  • Fill out any other personal details that required to verify your identity.
  • Submit the form to get the status.

How simple it is to check the aadhar card status online. Visit the UIDAI website and enter the enrollment number. That’s it you will get the status of your aadhar card generation.

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